We did it! We Abolished Cash Bail in IL!

The members of Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America and our comrades at Black Lives Matter Bloomington Normal celebrate today’s passage of the Pretrial Fairness Act as part of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ criminal justice reform bill, HB 3653 SFA2.

Virtual Town Hall: Discussion on Ending Money Bond

Join BloNo DSA, YWCA McLean County, Bloomington-Normal Chapter of NAACP, and other leading area civil rights organizations* for a virtual town hall that will inform our community on the progress being made to end wealth based pretrial detention known as “money bond” or “cash bail.”

PreTrial Fairness Act

Every year, more than 250,000 people are incarcerated BEFORE TRIAL in Illinois. Most are locked up simply because they cannot afford to post bail to secure their freedom. It’s as if our legal system is holding them for ransom.

Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America Statement on Right Wing Terror at the Capitol

Yesterday, our nation watched as a right wing mob launched a full frontal attack against democracy. While much can, should, and has been said about the overt complicity of the President and national Republican leaders, the glaringly obvious failure of law enforcement to intervene, and the palpable white privilege in the treatment of protestors, The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America call on our community to hold the local instigators and accomplices accountable.

Socialism Must Always Be Anti-Fascist

We socialists were in the streets over the summer of 2020, fighting police murder of Black lives. We felt the police pepper spray burning our eyes & skin, the police batons crushing our bones when we demanded police stop killing Black people, that cities take down Confederate or imperialist statues.

BloNo DSA Statement in Support of 2021 Welcoming Cities Ordinance

Everyday, countless numbers of our neighbors are forced to live in fear of detention, abuse, and deportation. This is a reality that some of our current elected officials have attempted to deny, willfully ignore, or, more recently, side-step and evade responsibility with half measures and window dressing in the name of being “welcoming”.

COVID-19 numbers silently rise in McLean County Jail

Article written by BloNo DSA member, Zach G for his blog

It seems COVID-19 infection numbers in the McLean County Jail have risen since I last wrote about the Law & (In)justice Center. Since August, COVID-19 numbers remained flat at 5 inmates & 2 staff. Yet, on November 25th, at least two inmates tested positive bringing the total number to 7. Recent information requests indicate staff numbers have skyrocketed with 6 additional cases making a total of 8. I’m still inquiring on when exactly the staff members tested positive and whether there are any active cases in the jail.

BloNo DSA Statement on ICE/Welcoming Cities Under Biden Presidency

This inhumane deportation machine existed long before Trump; while we are happy that Trump will no longer be president, we remember that president- elect Biden’s vice presidency still deported more people than even President Trump. Furthermore, the policy of detaining children in detention camps originated on Biden’s watch (though not nearly on the scale we’ve seen under the current administration). Too often, one party exacerbates egregious wrongs that the other normalized in previous cycles of capitalist control.