Bloomington-Normal DSA Calls on McLean Co. Justice Committee to Reject Racist Anti-Reform Resolution

BLOOMINGTON, IL – The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is calling on the McLean County Board’s Justice Committee to join the people of McLean County in supporting transparency and accountability in policing by rejecting a resolution that will come before them during today’s committee meeting. 

Qualified immunity does nothing but protect bad officers from accountability by preventing victims of police violence & their families from receiving just compensation for blatant constitutional violations. After a year of uprisings by Black Liberation activists & supporters of police accountability, it is in extremely poor taste to turn around & support gross abuses & violations for the police.”

  • Zach Gittrich, Chair of The BloNo DSA Solidarity Research Workgroup 

The proposed resolution is a blanket condemnation of the transparency and accountability that the Black Lives Matter movement and other reform advocates are seeking to achieve by calling for an end to qualified immunity. The resolution also expresses concern for a bill drafted by the Illinois General Assemlby’s Black Caucus House Bill 3635, and signed into law, which does not include ending qualified immunity.  It goes on to oppose any other future police reforms. 

“We believe this resolution to be a spiteful attempt to snub the changes that masses of Americans and people across the world have been calling in the aftermath of the uprisings following George Floyd’s murder. The Bloomington Normal Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America believes this racist attempt to counter the call for justice led by young people of color is not an accurate representation of the opinions held by the majority people of in McLean County, but rather the action of a small minority of reactionaries in local public office in response to the popular will to change policing as we know it”

  • Louis Goseland, Public Relations Officer for BloNo DSA. 

The Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America opposes the judicial doctrine of qualified immunity and supports the great work of the coalitions and organizations that have worked tirelessly