Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America Statement on Right Wing Terror at the Capitol

Released 1/7/2021

Throughout the disastrous Trump administration, local Republican leaders have evaded responsibility for their role in enabling the spread of lies, hate, and violence. Now that the American people have rejected their brutal policies and vitriol, and they’ve lost governing power both in Congress and the White House, they are seeking to sabotage our system of government and the democratic process, itself.

Yesterday, our nation watched as a right wing mob launched a full frontal attack against democracy. While much can, should, and has been said about the overt complicity of the President and national Republican leaders, the glaringly obvious failure of law enforcement to intervene, and the palpable white privilege in the treatment of protestors, The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America call on our community to hold the local instigators and accomplices accountable.

In the weeks leading up to yesterday’s terror in the Capitol, local McLean County Republican Party Chair Connie Beard used her position of leadership within the party to promote and legitimize the lies of widespread election fraud and a stolen presidency that culminated in the attack and loss of life in Washington DC. The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America calls on Connie Beard to step down as McLean County Republican Party Chair and for the McLean County Republican Party to issue a public statement condemning the violence and calling on its supporters to accept the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

Another local Republican leader and candidate for Normal Town Council, David Paul Blumenshine, organized a bus of people from our community to travel to Washington DC to participate in the violent chaos that sought to usurp the democratic process. The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America calls on David Paul
Blumenshine to withdraw his candidacy for the Normal Town Council and for an investigation into his role in
facilitating the violence in Washington DC.

Lastly, Blumenshine’s call for local recruits to participate in yesterday’s mob action was amplified and promoted by
Cities 92.9. The radio station, in between local and national right wing conspiracy theorists who spread the lies and
stoked the fears that fueled yesterday’s violence, was a media sponsor for Blumenshine’s “Stop the Steal” bus trip. The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America calls on the local business community to
boycott advertising with Great Plains Media, the parent company of Cities 92.9.