December 2020

BloNo DSA Statement in Support of 2021 Welcoming Cities Ordinance

Everyday, countless numbers of our neighbors are forced to live in fear of detention, abuse, and deportation. This is a reality that some of our current elected officials have attempted to deny, willfully ignore, or, more recently, side-step and evade responsibility with half measures and window dressing in the name of being “welcoming”.

COVID-19 numbers silently rise in McLean County Jail

Article written by BloNo DSA member, Zach G for his blog

It seems COVID-19 infection numbers in the McLean County Jail have risen since I last wrote about the Law & (In)justice Center. Since August, COVID-19 numbers remained flat at 5 inmates & 2 staff. Yet, on November 25th, at least two inmates tested positive bringing the total number to 7. Recent information requests indicate staff numbers have skyrocketed with 6 additional cases making a total of 8. I’m still inquiring on when exactly the staff members tested positive and whether there are any active cases in the jail.