BloNo DSA Statement on ICE/Welcoming Cities Under Biden Presidency

The Bloomington-Normal chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is fully committed to Bloomington becoming a Welcoming City and clearly separating local law enforcement from cooperation, communication, and collaboration with America’s inhumane deportation machine.

This inhumane deportation machine existed long before Trump; while we are happy that Trump will no longer be president, we remember that president- elect Biden’s vice presidency still deported more people than even President Trump. Furthermore, the policy of detaining children in detention camps originated on Biden’s watch (though not nearly on the scale we’ve seen under the current administration).  Too often, one party exacerbates egregious wrongs that the other normalized in previous cycles of capitalist control. 

This inhumane deportation machine is only helped by the silent complicity of local municipalities that refuse to take a stand.  There is no better time than now to take a small, yet significant step towards condemning the malicious institution which destroys families and leads to irreparable harm for the purpose of profiting off of detention and deportation.

The benefits of being a Welcoming City include safer communities, increased population, and a stronger economy.

However, these outcomes only occur when sufficient rules & regulations are put in place that allow for them to occur. Opponents of a Welcoming Cities Ordinance are attempting to muddy the waters and command the discourse with an initiative by the non-profit think-tank Welcoming Americas. Welcoming Americas will designate a town Welcoming to immigrants if the city meets a set of 7 metrics, and while BloNo DSA supports implementing several of these inclusive policies, we are firm in our belief that these efforts will be structurally hampered unless a strong Welcoming Ordinance is in place to separate public safety from immigration enforcement.  The goal of an inclusive and welcoming community can only be achieved if the law is properly pro-welcoming & pro-inclusive; this starts with shedding local law enforcement complicity with ICE.