Public Safety Board Member Must Resign

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted to The Pantagraph by DSA Member K. Dickerson. You can read it as published on their website.

The Public Safety and Community Relations Board is vital to our community and I am a supporter of those who wish to have this board’s power strengthened. However, before we have those powers strengthened, we must ensure that none of the board members are racist or biased.

Therefore, after hearing Surena Fish’s comments at the recent board meeting in which she was objecting to Dewhitt Lloyd Bingham being appointed to the board based solely on his support of BLM, it is apparent that Surena Fish must be removed from the PSCRB.

Black lives matter.

It’s both a fact and a call for us to build a society that honors it. It should not be a controversial statement in any way.

And frankly, if you do not believe that Black lives matter, you shouldn’t be serving on the PSCRB or at any level of government. Bingham’s life matters and Fish’s admission to driving past all the candidates for the board’s homes in search of those who support BLM and other organizations or ideologies is inappropriate.

Surena needs to recognize her admitted bias and resign from the PSCRB and Bingham should replace her. Anyone who looks at his resume and record of service in this community should agree with me that Bingham is more than qualified to serve on this board. I wonder if Surena took the time to read his application before driving by his home.

K. Dickerson, Bloomington