August 2020

Public Safety Board Member Must Resign

The Public Safety and Community Relations Board is vital to our community and I am a supporter of those who wish to have this board’s power strengthened. However, before we have those powers strengthened, we must ensure that none of the board members are racist or biased.

Drop fees for video, phone visits

We warned you back in March that COVID-19 would certainly reach the jail and now it’s here. Back in March, Sheriff Sandage refused IC Solutions’ offer for free video visitations for detainees in the jail to keep in touch with loved ones on the outside. Now those families are having to pay cumbersome fees to keep their jailed loved ones sane.

Innocent lives are at stake

So many folks in the community have warned McLean County and specific members of the Justice Committee of the pandemic reaching the insides of the jail. We were ignored and practically laughed at by Sheriff Sandage since he “had everything under control” and was “taking precautions.”

Well it has hit the county.