October Educational: Anti-imperialism

For the October chapter meeting, DSA BloNo members will discuss the topic of American imperialism and how we as socialists can oppose it.

To form the basis of our discussion, the Political Education committee selected 6 articles from the Summer 2019 edition of Democratic Left (listed below in the resources section). At the meeting, we will be conversing with partners and sharing out in large group discussion on the broad questions (also listed below). Questions are purposefully broad so as to encourage members to take a lead in the direction of the discussion.

Also, members should feel free to read more articles, as well as other articles and books. We will also have available a curated list of books and resources for members, both an online list of resources and our BloNo DSA library (physically present at the August, September and October meetings)

Articles from Democratic Left can all be found at https://democraticleft.dsausa.org/


Closing Military Bases, Opening a New World,” by David Swanson

Climate, Solidarity and Resistance,” by Meredith Tax

Drones Over Djibouti,” by Lion Summerbell

Venezuela: No Invasion, No Sanctions,” by Ronn Pineo

Socialism, Internationalism, Feminism: A 50 Year Journey,” by Maxine Phillips

Peace, Palestine, and Me,” by Charles Lenchner

Discussion questions

  1. What is imperialism and why do we oppose, as socialists, American imperialism?
  2. How does American imperialism affect you?
  3. How do we organize against imperialism in BloNo? Nationally? What are the obstacles? What are the opportunities?
  4. In some of the readings, there were strategies discussed that involved organizing military members, either to oppose particular policies and/or to democratize the military. What are our views?